Ryan-ComputerNetworkBasicsWho Am I?

My name is Ryan Lininger and I’m excited you have taken the time to check out Computer Network Basics.  I’m here to leverage my years of network experience to your benefit.  I want you to be able to administer your computer network hassle free and with confidence and ease.  To that end, my goal is to act as an educator, guide, and filter for you.

I’ve been a network professional since 2000 and have worked for numerous institutions over the years; including corporations, public institutions like police/fire/city, universities, school districts, and more.  During this this time I have had the pleasure of working with and learning from many talented individuals.

In addition to being technologically savvy I’m often able to convey my knowledge by understanding the questions behind the questions that people are asking.  Often, I find myself in the position of acting as a translator between the computer geeks of this world and everyone else; a skill I plan to leverage to help you.

Why Computer Network Basics?

I founded ComputerNetworkBasics.com to fill a void in computer network training.  There are numerous small and medium businesses out in the world that have IT staff who’s technical skills cover the desktop computer, maintenance, repair, etc.  There is some real talent out their!  However, networking is a different beast, and many in IT have not had much experience with.

While these talented people are interested in learning more about the network, there just isn’t time (or interest) to work toward a certificate like a CCNA or Network+.  Also, certificates like the Network+ can be thin on specifics and heavy on topics with limited practical application, aggravating the problem.  Often, with certifications like these you will learn lots of valuable information that you will only get to apply once your network grows beyond 500 to 1000 computers.  ComputerNetworkBasics.com is here to help fill the void.

I recognize that “being a network guru” may not be your goal and that you really just want a scalable, stable and secure network so you can move on your many other demands.  Through teaching specifics, the application of networking basics, providing design guidance, design auditing, and customized services and training, I aim to help you maintain your own hassle free and scalable network.

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2 Responses to About

  1. I couldn’t get your whichswitch app to work on 10.8.5.
    Didn’t come up with the configuration script running the app would give an empty drop down menu for net interface in scan options.

    I mucked around and changed things in the ChmodBPF script
    RunService “$1”
    StartService “$0”

    • That’s odd. I’ve been able to run it on a 10.8.5 system. Though, I did install prior to 10.8.5. I’ll take a look and see if I can figure out what is going on.

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