Tool Chest

The following is a collection of useful tools I’ve used I’m the past and have found useful.  Not all tools will be right for all organization and some have a pretty steep learning curve, but all can bee very useful in managing, designing, or troubleshooting computer networks.


For monitoring system status I’ve used both Nagios and WhatsUp Gold.

Nagios is a very flexible and powerful monitoring and alerting system.  Is for you if you have a little more time and a lot less money.  It is open source and the core system is free to download and use.  It does have a learning curve though so you may have to put some time into it.  Nagios does have a product for purchase that improves on the interface and management, making it more user friendly.

WhatsUp Gold a product you can purchase to do system status monitoring and alerting.  I’ve found it to be less flexible then Nagios, but it is a lot more user friendly and plug-n-play.  If you have some money to spend on a product for monitoring it is worth a look.


  • Wireshark packet capturing and analysis tool
  • kismet, netstumbler, istumbler wireless scanning tools

Cable testing and locating tools

  • LinkRunner
  • CDP and LLDP protocols

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