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Tracing cables, “toning” cables, and hunting through a rats nest of cabling just to figure out what port a computer uses to connect to your network is embarrassing, frustrating and time consuming.  There are few things I hate more then spending 20 minutes in front of a client just trying to figuring out where a computer connects to the network, and it has to be done before the real troubleshooting can begin.

WhichSwitch helps you quickly identify the network port a computer is connected to by allowing your Apple computer to view the contents of CDP and LLDP packets.  Say goodbye to time waisted digging through a web of cables and hello to the ability to easily and quickly identify network port information.

    • Use enterprise features CDP and LLDP that are built into most network switches to identify port, switch IP/name, and VLAN that is being used on the port your computer is connected to.
    • Keep a history of sessions so you can go back an look at the info about any given port you checked in the past.
    • No technical expertise is required to take advantage of this very useful tool.

Major companies like Cisco, HP, Juniper, Extreme, and more support CDP or LLDP in their devices.  These companies know how useful such a simple feature can be to managing a computer network.

Fluke Networks, sells network analyzing tools that cost hundreds, even thousands, of dollars that leverage this same feature.  Open source software like wireshark are free and support this functionality, but require a technical skill level that not everyone has.

You can download whichSwitch now and check out our instruction page to see how it works.

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2 Responses to whichSwitch

  1. Hi! I just found your blog, and would be very interested in your whichSwitch application if it ran on Windows? Is that a possibility?

    • Krissy,

      That is a possibility. I, and my programming friends, are just more familiar with OSX so we started there. We do hope to port it to Windows at some point, but haven’t moved in that direction yet. Please keep checking back, sign up to get emails, or subscribe to the RSS feed to keep up to date for when we do release a windows version.

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